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Quicktune: $20-$40. Basic checkover of bike to check brakes/shifting for proper adjustment. 

Tune up $80.00. Drive train removed, cleaned, lubed, adjusted, wheels removed and trued, brakes adjusted, all bearings adjusted and frame cleaned. Parts extra. No labor charge for the installation of tires, tubes, derailleurs, cables, brakes, or stems with a tune up.

Overhaul, $120. The bicycle is completely disassembled, cleaned, lubed and adjusted. The frame and derailleur hanger are checked for alignment. All bearings repacked. Parts extra. No labor charge for the installation of any parts with a overhaul.

Extra charges may apply for extremely dirty bicycles!

Headset installed – $15.00

Bottom Bracket installed - $12.50

V-Brakes, Cantilever installed - $7.50 one wheel, $12.50 a pair.

Rear Derailleur (includes checking drop out hanger for alignment) - $7.50

Front derailleur - $7.50

Install a tire or tube – $5.00

Install a chain - $5.00

Wheel true/spoke replaced - $5 to $15

Disc Brake tabs faced - $10

Disc brakes installed – $10.00 one wheel, $15.00 a pair.

Bottom Bracket faced and Tapped - $15

Head tube faced and reamed - $15

Derailleur hanger straightened - $10

Racks, cycle computers,- $5

Fenders $15.00

We reserve the right to refuse to work on any bike for any reason.