Hello fellow Adventurer!  Below you will find a wide variety of paddle adventure opportunities to take part in during the upcoming summer paddle season with Spokes.  We are constantly seeking out new opportunities for paddle adventure, so be sure to check back as our offerings increase.  Please call or email us to reserve your spot today!

Paddle 101 Classes are available...
     Thursday Evenings 6 - 8pm
     Saturday Mornings 9 - 11am

Paddle 101 Details...
     1) Rate = $40 per Adult and $30 Students
     2) ALL Paddle Related Gear is Included (Craft, Paddle, Safety Equipment)
     3) Includes 1 Hour w/ Instructor and 1 Hour "Free Paddle"
     4) ALL 101 Classes are a 2 Hour experience
     5) 2 person Minimum and 6 person Maximum Participants per session
     6) Need to Book at least ONE WEEK in advance
          **please call (Gilbert @ 612-483-6799) or fill out form below to book**

Paddle 101 
Paddle 101 is the basic paddle experience for anyone interested in exploring the world of Kayaking.  This course will introduce the paddler to the basics of how a kayak works, basic paddle strokes, and demonstrations of water safety precautions.  This course is taught using transitional recreational/touring Kayaks…this type of boat is perfect for all types of paddler to feel comfortable learning new skills and boat control.  $40 per person and each session is 2 hours in length.

Skills covered in 101…
1) Body Posture and Balance
2) Basic Paddle Strokes (Cruising Forward, Sweep, chop Stop)
3) Parts of the Kayak & Fitting your Kayak to your body
4) Intro to Safety equipment
5) Rafting

SUP 101
Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) is a popular and fast growing sport. Most people have success relatively quickly and it is a full-body/core workout that is FUN to do!   The majority of the class time will be spent out on the water working on your new SUP Skills.  $35 per person and each session is 90 minutes in length.

What is covered in SUP 101…
1) Body Posture and Balance
2) Basic Paddle Strokes & Turning
3) Parts of a SUP
4) How to Carry and Launch a SUP Board
5) Intro to all SUP Related Equipment

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